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Lodown: Are We Having Fun?
magazyn / Nowy

Opis produktu

Limited edition of 600 copies!

Here comes a little 'zine accompanying the same titled exhibition that was held in May 2014. A full color compilation of the artworks that where displayed - arranged in an unconventional way in a 32 page, A5 sized anticatalog. Regarding the titel, Thomas Marecki states: ' At first the question seems simple, but it also fuels your inner conflict.

Our society, especially Western fun-filled society, has reduced fun down to something almost meaningless. We are now living in an era of “LOL CATS“. Unreflected fun defines the majority of our communication channels, and can lead to states like Huxley’s or Orwell’s dystopias, where all sense of irony is forgotten, making it easier for the machine to control us.' …so, well - let's have reflected fun with this one…

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