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XXII Century Sound Pioneers
LP+7" / Nowy

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MITCH AND MITCH with their INCREDIBLE COMBO- XXII Century Sound Pioneers 1.5 LP (12″+7″)!

500 hand numbered copies! Incl. bouns 7''!

By publishing their new album, this time in the already quite popular 9-person combo featuring the guest performances by Cannibal Mitch, Andrew Mitchbauer, Mitchella the Kidd and Half-Ape-Half-Mitch, the Mitchiz – as they tenderly call themselves whenever treating each others’ colds or consoling each other after yet another trip to Germany – are walking proudly right into the XXII century.

Recorded in an ultraprofessional studio, XXII Century Sound Pioneers (available on vinyl, thanks to the latest achievements in sound technology) is their entry pass to the uncharted territory of musical exploration. If you think you know the sound of an instrument called Vibr-O-Matic™ or what can be done with a virtuoso brass section, then you’ve either been to a Mitch & Mitch show already or you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. If you think you know the feeling of extreme relaxation, then you are yet to discover how tense you really were. The choice is yours and is quite simple: either you join the rest of humanity in waiting more than 90 years, all the while pretending everything is fine, or you allow Mitch & Mitch to take you today on this journey into the XXII century.

A1. A Little Scratch
A2. Dinomatendo
A3. Two Fingers Up And Walk
A4. Older Than You

B1. 1-2-3-4-5 Combo!
B2. Volcano
B3. Greek Wedding

bonus 7"

A1. Il Colore Degli Angeli
B1. Japanese Farewell Song

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