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10 Years Diynamic (Colored Vinyl Edition)
3LP / Nowy

Diynamic / DIYNAMICLP16

House / Techno

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A1. Solomun - "Let It Out" (feat Liu Bei)
A2. Adriatique - "Jekaterinburg"
A3. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Jupiter Sunrise"
B1. Johannes Brecht - "2nd Movement"
B2. Stimming - "Hope & Ramati"
C1. Thyladomid - "Decade"
C2. HOSH - "The Drumpet Show"
D1. NTFO - "Tension"
D2. Ost & Kjex - "Heatwave"
E1. Lehar - "Lonestar Memories"
E2. Magdalena - "Should I Stay"
F1. Karmon - "Outline"
F2. Undercatt - "Mongrel"
Opis produktu

It's been a decade in the business for this Hamburg institution that's spawned many a summer anthem or outright hit during its existence. To celebrate the occasion, Diynamic have launched a killer compilation featuring all the usual suspects that have played a crucial role in the development of the label thus far and they're here to assure you they're more keen than ever.

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