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See Mi Yah
LP / Nowy

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A1. See Mi Yah
A2. Dem Never Know
A3. Rise & Praise
A4. Truly
A5. Lightning Storm
B1. Let Jah Love Come
B2. Boss Man
B3. Poor People Must Work
B4. Let We Go
B5. Free For All
B6. See Mi (Version)
Opis produktu

In the 90s, with projects and labels such as Basic Channel, Maurizio or Main Street Records, the Berlin based producer team Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald have decisively influenced the development of techno-house and electronic music worldwide. Furthermore Ernestus and von Oswald have released pioneering hybrids of reggae, dub and electronica under the name Rhythm & Sound since 1996. In the last few years an utterly original and independent definition of reggae music - stripped down, rootsy, hi-tech - has emerged from their activities. For their last album Rhythm & Sound w/ the artists Ernestus and von Oswald collaborated with legendary reggae vocalists, like Cornel Campbell, Jennifer Lara, Love Joy or The Chosen Brothers (aka Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes). This line is being pursued consequently with their new CD/LP release See Mi Yah.

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