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In The Moment Electric (Blue Vinyl Edition)
LP / Nowy

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A01. Make It Twice
A02. Come Back To The Funk
A03. Got Into Something
A04. Straighten It Out
A05. The Next Level Lude
A06. The Jazz Box
A07. Is It Good To You
A08. In The Moment
A09. Mystic Ride Elements
A10. West Coastin
A11. Da Boom Groove
A12. Dan You Dig It
A13. Do You Remember?
B01. Asian Funk Mood
B02. A Different Breed
B03. Drive Music
B04. Then What You Want
B05. Secret Squirrel
B06. On The Right Track
B07. In Hong Kong
B08. Nightmare On Ghettoman Street
B09. Cruisin In My Ride
B10. The MPC Jazz Encore
Opis produktu

Latest instrumental release from veteran producer K-Def (LL Cool J, Real Live, ODB, Ghostface, Diddy, Lords of The Underground).

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.