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The Voices Of East Harlem
LP / Nowy

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A1. Cashing In
A2. Just Believe Me
A3. Little People
A4. Giving Love
B1. Wanted, Dead Or Alive
B2. Loving You The Way I Do
B3. I Like Having You Around
B4. Could This Be Love
B5. New Vibrations
Opis produktu

Songs that make you go wow. Voices Of East Harlem's soul is the type of soul you've always known without realising. Built up from a community project, the 20-strong ensemble ran throughout the first half of the 70s releasing three albums full of super gutsy, heart-pumping soul, R&B and gospel. This 1973 self-titled second album is recognised as one of their strongest with crossover hit "Cashing In" gaining the troupe major attention. Written by Leeroy Hutson and produced by Curtis Mayfield the whole album from belting highs ("Just Believe In Me") to torch-bearing sentimental ballad lows ("Giving Lows") is a true soul treat.

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