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12" / Nowy

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A1. Goldie & Skepta - Upstart (Roadtrip)
A2. Goldie & Skepta - Upstart (Roadtrip) (instrumental)
B1. Goldie & Fraims - Poisonous Darts (feat DRS)
B2. Goldie & Fraims - Poisonous Dartsb (feat DRS - instrumental)
Opis produktu
Goldie and Skepta share a birthday, an elemental connection and an impeccable taste in beats. Upstart is the blistering outcome of their studio sessions together – a fierce, futuristic alchemy of tense horrorshow melodics, street-level rhymes and bangin’ breaks. Minted somewhere between Blade Runner and A Clockwork Orange, it’s for the kind of kids who want to ram-raid tomorrow, become a ghost in the machine, a contagion that cannot be stopped.
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