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VA - Fools Paradise Favorites (Gatefold Cover) [LP+7"]
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Fools Paradise Favorites (Gatefold Cover)

LP+7" / Nowy


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A1. The Leopards - Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie
A2. Al Katraz - Charlie & The Bank Job
A3. Jules Blattner - 500 Pound Canary
A4. The Flock Rocker - Chinese Rock & Roll
A5. Bob Strauss - Nameless
A6. Hurricane Harry - The Last Meal
A7. Glenn Willings - You Tarzan MeJane
A8. Dick Summer - The Goatee's Gotta Go
A9. The Bobby Borda Five - Mad
B1. Abel & The Starliners Combo - Chicken Hop Twist
B2. Wee Willie & The Soulettes - Pulp Wood Charley
B3. Billy Duke & The Dukes - Roland
B4. The Orbits - Knock Her Down
B5. Dan Kubiak - Finding You
B6. King Sid - Unh Uh Baby
B7. Arnie Ginsburg - Pal Mal Rock
B8. Sidney & Chimps - Blah
B9. Stringbeans - Stop Your Cryin'
7" A1. The Leopards - Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie
7" B1. Abel & The Starliners Combo - Chicken Hop Twist
Opis produktu

For over 20 years, your irrepressible host Rex and his legendary Fool's Paradise radio show on WFMU has held a grudge against the whole square world. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location in rural New Jersey in a fur-lined fall-out shelter located miles below the earth's crust, this weekly "excursion to nowhere" continues to proudly play nothing but greasy grooves from inane 45s, non-hit misfires, curveballs and oddballs from the Rock & Roll era. Yes sirree, those weird and warped ones about monsters, beatniks, chickens, apes, stewed moonbeams and mosquito knees... 

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