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Patryk Cannon - Family Movies Waves And Friends [CD]

Patryk Cannon

Family Movies Waves And Friends

CD / Nowy


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Father And Son Records And Tapes introduces another relatively unknown musician from the ever-expanding Polish scene, at the same time presenting its first full-length album.
Patryk Cannon is no newcomer tho - after spending years playing guitar in punk/hardcore bands he’s been developing his very special take on post-club electronica, releasing two digital-only EPs and playing live - among others, supporting Moodymann at the RBMA Bass Camp. His very singular sound presents a very mature and self-conscious balance between harsh samples and digital errors, mesmerising rhythms and ear-catching melodies. “Family Movies…” is an artist album in a very traditional sense - 8 tracks in slightly over 40 minutes, from super bass-heavy, Hitchcock-sampling “The Birds” to digital noise-drenched breakbeats of “Don’t Kill Dolphins”, with all sorts of moods in between. There are almost straightforward club tunes (“Fale” with its handclaps coming exactly in the right moment, or uplifting “No One Cares”), Eno-esque ambience (“Machines In Rain”), aquatic 2-step, dreamy downtempo house and obscure Polish movie samples, all carefully rolled into a concise narrative.
Intriguing, at times bold, at times soothing, “Family Movies Waves And Friends” is a varied and entertaining voyage through the mind of a conscious artist. The record was mastered with great attention to every detail by Pawel Bartnik (DJ Sajko) and (as every FASRAT release) sports an intriguing cover art, this time by renowned painter (and graffiti artist), Zbiok Czajkowski. 
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