DJ Koze - Knock Knock (LTD Box Set 3LP+CD+7
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DJ Koze

Knock Knock (LTD Box Set 3LP+CD+7''+10'')

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A1. Club Der Ewigkeiten
A2. Bonfire
A3. Moving In A Liquid (feat Eddie Fummler)
A4. Music On My Teeth (feat José González)
B1. Colors Of Autumn (feat. Speech from Arrested Development)
B2. This Is My Rock (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
B3. Illumination (feat. Róisín Murphy)
B4. Planet Hase (feat. Mano Le Tough)
C1. Pick Up
C2. Scratch That (feat. Róisín Murphy)
C3. Muddy Funster (feat. Kurt Wagner)
D1. Baby (How Much I LFO You)
D2. Jesus
D3. Lord Knows
D4. Seeing Aliens
E1. Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
F1. Take A Run (feat. Ada)
G1. Timber (feat.Lali Puna)
G2. Lullaby
H1. Planet Ambient
I1. Moving In A Liquid (Instrumental)
I2. Colors Of Autumn (Instrumental)
I3. Music On My Teeth(Instrumental)
I4. This Is My Rock ((Instrumental))
I5. Illumination (Instrumental))
J1. Take A Run (Instrumental)
J2. Scratch That (Instrumental)
J3. Muddy Funster (Instrumental)
J4. Lord Knows (Instrumental)
J5. Drone Me Up (Instrumental)
Opis produktu

DJ Koze's music is very much suited to the album format. Although his last effort through this medium was back in 2013, his explorative nature and wide-eyed, improvisational style are simply made to branch out into areas outside of the more predictable house and techno formats. Knock Knock comes through on his own Pampa label, with its seventeen tracks all providing us with something different and wonderful, from slo-mo r&b sounds to funky, wayward house music that is most certainly at the 'outside' of the house spectrum. There are plenty of special guests, too, including Mano Le Tough, Sophia Kennedy, and many other relevant talents. A Koze speciality.

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