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Joey Negro - pres. Backstreet Brit Funk Vol.2 [2CD]

Joey Negro

pres. Backstreet Brit Funk Vol.2

2CD / Nowy


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CD1_01. Savanna - "I Can't Turn Away"
CD1_02. Rick Clarke - "Potion"
CD1_03. The Antilles - "I've Got To Have You"
CD1_04. The Hudsons - "Show Me You Care"
CD1_05. Paradise - "Stop & Think"
CD1_06. Index - "Starlight"
CD1_07. The Oceans - "Pacific Dream"
CD1_08. Powerline - "Watching You"
CD1_09. Janet Kay - "Eternally Grateful" (unreleased dub mix)
CD1_10. Veira Krew - "Sexy Lady"
CD1_11. AD 2000 - "Love Time Machine"
CD1_12. Mercy Mercy - "What Are We Gonna Do About It?"
CD2_01. Touchdown - "Ease Your Mind"
CD2_02. Cache - "Jazzin' & Cruisin'"
CD2_03. Martin Island - "Don't Give It Up" (part 1 & 2 edit)
CD2_04. Congress - "You Gotta Get It" (unreleased edit)
CD2_05. Rare Moods - "Closer To Your Love"
CD2_06. Kandidate - "Girls Girls Girls"
CD2_07. The Paul Bailey Sound - "Take A Walk In The Moonlight"
CD2_08. Eastbound Expressway - "Never Let Go"
CD2_09. Proton - "We're Funkin'"
CD2_10. Ritual - "Non Stop Boogie"
CD2_11. Cloud - "All Night Long"
CD2_12. Brazelia - "Brazelia"
CD2_13. ICQ - "Final Approach"
Opis produktu

It's been eight years since Joey Negro put together Backstreet Brit Funk, a fine compilation that shone a light on Britain's late '70s and early '80s underground disco, soul, jazz-funk and electro scenes. This belated sequel, then, is long overdue. This time round, the selections are arguably even deeper, with highlights including the low-slung disco-funk of Rick Clarke's "Potion", the glassy-eyed breeziness of Paradise's "Stop & Think", the footworker-friendly jazz-funk riot of Touchdown's "Ease Your Mind" and the samba-fired carnival flavours of "Brazelia" by Brazelia. There's also a fine bonus in the shape of a previously unreleased dub of Janet Kay's overlooked Brit-boogie slammer "Eternally Grateful" that's almost worth the admission price on its own.

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