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Dizzy K. Falola - Sweet Music Volume I (Limited Edition) [2LP]
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Dizzy K. Falola

Sweet Music Volume I (Limited Edition)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Excuse Me Baby
A2. Link The Boogie
A3. Saturday Night Raps
A4. I'll Never Love Again
B1. Take It To The DJ
B2. Ife Love
B3. You
C1. Baby Kilode?
C2. Omoge
C3. Be My Friend (edit)
C4. Special Love
D1. Sweet Music
D2. Konga Mama
D3. Yes, I Love You
Opis produktu

Dizzy K Falola is one of Nigeria's most adored disco funk artists form the early 80's. His career was propelled by EMI Nigeria who brought him to notoriety with his first album 'Excuse Me Baby', released in 1982. Excuse Me Baby became an instant success in Nigeria and within 3 months he was back in the studio recording his second album and touring with international superstars such as The Whispers. The success of his work came both from the creative collaboration of musicians and their progressive style of synth-funk and disco influenced heavily by western artists. The team included Nkono Teles, Felix Liberty and Dizzy K's mentor and manager Tony Okoroji amongst others who together formed the disco funk that infected the homes, streets and clubs of Lagos. Noted in 'Hip Hop Africa: New African Music in a Globalizing World', Dizzy K's song titled Saturday Night Raps which features on Excuse Me Baby is thought to have been on of the earliest examples of commercial African Rap music. It was examples like this that showed Dizzy K was bringing something new to the Nigerian boogie scene.

With careful restoration by Colin Young at See Why Audio, (who's expertise and talents have graced some of the most iconic reissues of recent years, including "Who Is William Onyeabor" and Charanjit Singh's "Synthesizing: Ten Raga's to a Disco Beat") and vinyl mastering conducted by The Carvery, cutting the masters on a Neumann VMS70 mastering lathe originally used in Nashville's CBS studio to cut Motown classics. This is an uncompromising vinyl package covering Dizzy K's first 3 albums from '82-'84. Compiled for the dance floor and offering Sticky Buttons take on the bright boogie goodness of Dizzy. With personal liner notes from the artist and fresh artwork by the team this is a record that cuts to the point.

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