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VA - Antilles Mechant Bateau [LP]
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Antilles Mechant Bateau

LP / Nowy


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A1. Mahy - Antilles Méchant Bateau
A2. Guy Conquete - Ban Moin Clé A Titine
A3. Dolor - A Dardonnel
A4. Joseph Lacides - Yo Ka Biguiné Joseph
A5. Tino Saint-Val Mam'zelle Cancan
A6. Dolor - Ki Vino
A7. Dolor - Socié Cabrite
B1. Gaby Siarras - Moana
B2. Joseph Lacides - Citation Créole
B3. Casimir Letang - Ménage Chalviré
B4. Manuela Pioche - Pas Ban Moin Coup
B5. Gerard Valton - Bel Mè A Présent
B6. Beaujour - Ti Té Ya
B7. Josianne Saint-Louis - Jeines Gaçons
B8. Dolor - Vini Sauvé Moin
Opis produktu

The West Indies - a sweet coastline subject to many clichés from another time. That postcard with coconut trees, a glass of rum to sip on, those so exotic madras dresses... Almost as many as in Compagnie Créole's "doudouist" songs, that say a lot about the misunderstandings from both sides of the ocean. West Indians are still as stuck with this distorted outlook as in the good old days of the colonies. Because, underneath the veneer of moldy images, a completely different reality is woven. 'They beat drums but were never number one' - to misquote the chorus by a Martinique-born French singer. This is the subject of this collection - musicians drumming on percussion as a way of asserting their creolized identity. Songs that tell, in veiled terms, a different reality from what mainlanders were fed with. Special cases, with cries of joy and laments accompanied by cadences, as an invitation to trance, all immersed in the Caribbean melting pot of rhythm.

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