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Chalo Correia - Kudihohola [7"]
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Chalo Correia


7" / Nowy


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A1. Chercher Crioula
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With the help of Lisbon friend "Dedy Dread", Matasuna Records has managed to reissue two outstanding songs from the debut album of Angolan musician "Chalo Correia" on a hot & fiery 7inch. Although the album was originally released in 2015, only a handful of people outside Portugal were lucky enough to get their hands on one of the coveted copies. This is unfortunate, as Correias music uniquely combines traditional Angolan styles with new melodies, creating a intoxicating & exotic mix. For this release the tracks were remastered and the title track was even completely mixed again to achieve the best possible sound.

The A-side of the single starts with the title song "Kudiholola". Kuhohola (correct term in the Quimbundu language of Angola is Kudiholola) which means to heal from a hangover, but where Chalo Correia, takes the title as a restart and a return to the traditions and roots that had been stuck in the past. The melody is embedded in the Angolan Kazukuta style that manages to give life and brilliance to this instrumental where the harmonica fills the contours of the music. Kudihohola is an imaginary microcosm of Angolanity in terms of culture in general, but also the image of interpersonal relationships.

"Chercher Crioula" on the B-side, sung in "Quimbundo" and the choirs in "French", reports an incessant search for a love that insists on not appearing. This search is not limited to one country or continent but to many places in the world, which makes the author adapt to the places, as time prolongs that same search.

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