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Gus Levy - Magia Magia [LP]
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Gus Levy

Magia Magia

LP / Nowy


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A1. No Vento Que For
A2. Juliana
A3. Voce Passa
A4. Plantar A Flor No Inferno
A5. Sua Forca
B1. Magia Magia
B2. Meu Gosto
B3. Nosso Amor
B4. Mudanca
B5. Um Misterio
B6. Devagar
Opis produktu

Following highly praised releases by Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo, Leonardo Marques, Xenia Franca and Moons, 180g and the legendary Disk Union continue to explore the best of today's Brazilian music scene with this wonderful psychedelic and funky pop album by Rio de Janeiro's Gus Levy: Magia Magia. --- The mystical universe of Magia Magia reflects influences from the samba rock of Jorge Ben, the romantic grooves of Djavan and the psychedelic pop of Connan Mockasin and Negro Léo. The lyrics and sensations suggest a new way of seeing the reality of the world and relationships: union, spirituality, magic, complicity, happiness, courage, love, fraternity, dilemmas and contradictions lead the poetical subject of Magia Magia. Inspired by a conception of the universe ruled by feminine entities, Gus Levy brings with Magia Magia a masterpiece of modern Brazilian psychedelic and funky pop, with exquisite artwork by Fernanda Varella. A composer and multi-instrumentalist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gus Levy has been gaining more and more attention on the Brazilian music scene during the last few years. He is also a producer at Rio de Janeiro's Estúdio Carolina studios, a member of the band "Os Dentes" for more than 10 years, and the guitarist of choice for artists like Antonio Neves, Filipe Marones and João Werneck.

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