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Derrick May - Innovator [2CD]
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Derrick May


2CD / Nowy


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CD1 - 01. Strings Of The Strings Of Life
CD1 - 02. Another Kaos Beyond Kaos
CD1 - 03. Freestyle
CD1 - 04. A Rest/Beyond Kaos
CD1 - 05. The Dance
CD1 - 06. Spaced Out
CD1 - 07. Daymares, It Is What It Is
CD1 - 08. Some More Spaced Out
CD1 - 09. Track 9
CD1 - 10. Feel Surreal Ends The Feel Surreal
CD1 - 11. R-Theme
CD1 - 12. Emanon Begins
CD1 - 13. Sinister
CD1 - 14. The End
CD2 - 01. To Be Or Not To Be
CD2 - 02. Icon" (Montage mix)
CD2 - 03. Phantom
CD2 - 04. Kaotic Harmony
CD2 - 05. Salsa Life
CD2 - 06. Track 6
CD2 - 07. Nude Photo
CD2 - 08. The Beginning
CD2 - 09. Relic Long Ago
CD2 - 10. Drama
CD2 - 11. Emanon Ends
CD2 - 12. Winter On The Blvd
CD2 - 13. Strings Of Life
CD2 - 14. Dreams Of Dreamers
CD2 - 15. Wiggin' (Juan's mix)
Opis produktu

When Network Records originally issued “Innovator” in 1991 we knew that the music contained within was timeless. At that time, of course, we had no grasp of how well Derrick’s epic soundscapes would time travel. We christened the collection - “Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet” - because it seemed like the music (and Derrick) had indeed arrived from another world. The release has been acclaimed as iconic because Derrick, the madcap and maverick philosopher of Detroit Techno, introduced the concept of dance music with a musical and emotional agenda way beyond anything that had come before. Beats with beauty. Literally the strings of life. Where fellow musical geniuses Chic had previously urged everybody to simply "Dance, Dance, Dance" mood alchemist Mayday merged simple yet cerebral dreamscapes with strange and urgent complex dance rhythms and invited us all to Dance And Dream. And in a strange juxtaposed way helped birth the hedonistic Acid House scene with classics “Nude Photo” and “Strings Of Life”

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