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LESKY - Meraki [LP]
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A1. Oyster Feat. Flofilz, Phlocalyst & Sakura Murakami (Drums By Flofilz, Trumpet By Phlocalyst, Guitar By Sakura Murakami)
A2. Palma Feat. Midan (Co-Production, Bass & Guitar By Midan)
A3. Alight Feat. Turt & Ddob (Vocals By Turt, Co-Production & Guitar By Ddob)
A4. Coda Feat. Medow (Co-Production By Meadow)
A5. Bamboo Feat. Cuebe
A6. Lluvia Feat. Midan (Co-Production By Cuebe)
A7. Aaliyah Feat. Flynn (Co-Production, Bass & Guitar By Midan)
B1. Augustiner Feat. Sátyr (Co-Production & Guitar By Sátyr)
B2. Ragazza Feat. Sátyr (Co-Production & Guitar By Sátyr)
B3. Rakomelo
B4. Apricot Feat. Phlocalyst & Sátyr (Co-Production & Trumpet By Phlocalyst, Co-Production & Guitar By Sátyr)
B5. Saint Eugene Feat. Midan (Co-Production, Bass & Guitar By Midan)
B6. Relief Feat. Tally Schwenk & Mensing (Vocals By Tally Schwenk, Co-Production By Mensing)
Opis produktu

“Meraki” is the first full-length album by LESKY. Within less than three years, LESKY has established himself as one of the most promising and ambitious producers on the German scene. For a new artist, his discography is pretty deep and versatile. No matter if he delves into sample-driven lofi-beats or dropping trap and phonk, there is always a strong melodic side to his music. The LESKY sound is a nutshell: „All meat - no fat: hard and busy drums, fender rhodes neo soul chords and a filtered moog bassline“, as he puts it. With a guest list that features long-time friends Phlocalyst and Sátyr alongside MPM artists FloFilz, MC Turt of Summers Sons, Sakura Murakami and new talents like Cologne (beat) boy wonder Midan and New Jersey-based singer Tally Schwenk, “Meraki” is bringing together the best of many worlds under one LESKY groove. Other artists featured on the album are Ddob, Meadow, Cuebe, Flynn and Mensing. “Meraki” is Greek and of those words that don’t translate into English very well. One could put it as follows: “When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do.” For LESKY, it also stands for the transition of turning your hobby into a profession. Born and raised in Leipzig, he moved to Cologne when he turned 21 to intern and later work at MPM. Fast forward to 2021, LESKY has once again packed his bags and relocated to Tbilisi, the capitol of Georgia. It looks as if the journey for this young producer has only just begun...

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