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Bibi Flash - Histoires d
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Bibi Flash

Histoires d'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres)

12" / Nowy


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A1. Histoire D'1: Soir Bye Bye Les Galeres
A2. Histoire D'1: Soir Bye Bye Les Galeres (Disco mix)
B1. Histoire D'1: Soir Bye Bye Les Galeres (Blutch edit)
B2. Histoire D'1: Soir Bye Bye Les Galeres (instrumental)
B3. Histoire D'1: Soir Bye Bye Les Galeres: Dance The Night Away/Merci D'exister/One, Two, Three, Four/On Se Calme
Opis produktu

Great classic and timeless tune of the 80s and French Boogie scene, " Histoire d'1 Soir (Bye bye les galères) " is an ode to party, liberty, youth and freedom, interpreted by Bibi Flash aka Brigitte Gasté, an atypical singer from the French Boogie.

With its light lyrics and mythical chorus, its euphoria and irresistible disco-rap vibe, this track produced by Philippe Renaux (Holly Guns, Clever, Pianola…) released in 1983 is a sincere photography of its time, during which these children of the " summer of love " and May 68 criss-crossed Paris in search of endless nights, pleasure and freedom.

A prized and rare record which is nowadays repressed by Barbecue imprint in 2021, in its 12'' version, with the original, the Disco Mix, instrumental and the A Cappella, and is accompanied by a new modern and festive edit by French house producer Blutch.

As a bonus, an insert with exclusive texts and photos by Bibi Flash and Philippe Renaux, in a fun and flash universe full of bright colors, revealing the spirit of these good old times.

Prod. Philippe Renaux

Mixed by Dominique Blanc-Francard

Mastered by Benjamin Joubert (Biduloscope)

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