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A1. Shut Up, Make Music (Swagboi vs. Purist)
A2. Time For A Crime Wave
A3. Stick Up
A4. I’m Sick Of Rap
A5. Rap Is A Circus – And We Hope The Elephants Trample Everybody
A6. Seoul Power
A7. Caddy Coupe (Featuring Has- Lo)
B1. Clubba Lang (Featuring Al-Shid)
B2. Cigarettes
B3. Dreamcrusher (Featuring Al-Shid)
B4. Funky
B5. Go Back To Sellin’ Weed
B6. I Smell Smoke
B7. Mad Rap (2.0)
B8. Robbin’ Brooklyn Hipster Chicks
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J-Zone, self-proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of zero,” may be familiar to you for any one of his six lives: Indie hip-hop’s class clown; an off-kilter producer with his own identifiable style; a frustrated music business casualty who penned a nervy memoir about the life of the working class musician (Root For The Villain); a tongue-in-cheek, encyclopedic music journalist; a late-blooming drummer with a knack for channeling the spirit of classic break beats or a DJ with a deep love for funk 45s.

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