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3LP+CD / Nowy

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A1. Narkopop 1
A2. Narkopop 2
B1. Narkopop 3
B2. Narkopop 4
B3. Narkopop 5
C1. Narkopop 6
C2. Narkopop 7
D1. Narkopop 8
D2. Narkopop 9
E1. Narkopop 10
E2. Narkopop 11
Opis produktu
3xLP vinyl version comes with a CD version of the full album and a vinyl-only bonus cut and it includes a 24 pages booklet. Nearly two decades after the last official GAS album release, Wolfgang Voigt returns to his iconic Ambient project with a brandnew full-length. Narkopop continues the classic GAS aesthetic of symphonic scope and subtle variation, taking the listener on an otherworldly journey to the depths of rapture and reverie.
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