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The Future Sound Of London - Archived Environmental Views (Record Store Day 2017) [3LP]
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The Future Sound Of London

Archived Environmental Views (Record Store Day 2017)

3LP / Nowy

A1. Outer Heaven (2017 version)
A2. Mouth Muse
A3. Culture Of Individuality
A4. Fault Line
A5. 5 Months 5 Acres
A6. Light Forming (2017 edit)
A7. Meanwhile
A8. Mango Tree
A9. Where You Going
B1. Lizard Crawl
B2. Woodland
B3. This Day Before Me
B4. Gas Mask 13
B5. Numbers & Colours
B6. Contraband
B7. Loudoun Hill
B8. She Fell Backwards
C1. Persistence Of Vision
C2. Normality Returns
C3. Hapn
C4. Semi Detached
C5. Unforth
C6. Its Very Existence
C7. Fallin Through
C8. Sea Pig
D1. Opposite Of Thought
D2. Looking Out A Narrow Window
D3. Drifting In & Out
D4. Silence In Her Eyes
D5. Boulton
D6. Intermodulation Distortion
D7. Everyone Who Is Not Here
D8. In A Way, They Do..
E1. Viewed From Pushkinova 7
E2. A Place In The Wilderness
E3. Viewed From Below The Surface (2017 version)
E4. Viewed From Little Boats
E5. Late October
E6. The Oldest Lady
F1. Viewed Through Apertures
F2. Viewed From An Obscure Angle
F3. Viewed From Far Hills
F4. Viewed From Across The Room
F5. Viewed From Rosey's Perspective
F6. Viewed From Under Leaves
F7. Source Of Uncertainty (long mix)
F8. The House In The Woods
F9. Viewed From Above
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limited numbered trifold 180 gram vinyl!

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