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Deep Love 2017
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Nachtbraker - Cobi Cabani
A2. Roman Rauch - Sweet Ears
B1. Lorenz Rhode - On Top
B2. Jesse Futerman & Dan Only - Changes
B3. M Ono - Jamas
C1. Felix Leifur - Record
C2. Ponty Mython - Who Am I Kidding?
C3. Jun Kamoda - Whole Lotta Love
D1. Thatmanmonkz - Liebestrasse
D2. Loz Goddard - Now Is Where We Are
D3. BAL 5000 - Under The Influence
Opis produktu

The annual Deep Love compilation has become one of our most important releases to showcase what Dirt Crew Recordings is all about. It gives us the chance to highlight and welcome new faces alongside the residents who keep the Deep music we stand for alive. This year more than ever we have artists from all over the World, from Japan to Canada and Lithuania to Austria represented. 

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