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Nils Frahm - Late Night Tales (2LP+MP3/ 180g/ Gatefold Cover) [2LP]
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Nils Frahm

Late Night Tales (2LP+MP3/ 180g/ Gatefold Cover)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Nils Frahm - "4:33"
A2. The Baka Forest People Of South East Cameroon - "Liquindi 2"
A3. Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders - "Divertimento Fur Tenorsaxophon Und Kleins" (part 4)
A4. Four Tet - "0181" (excerpt)
A5. Boards Of Canada - "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country"
A6. Bibio - "It Was Willow"
B1. Dictaphone - "Peaks"
B2. Syste, - "SK20"
B3. Rhythm & Sound - "Mango Drive"
C1. Victor Silvester - "It's The Talk Of The Town" (Nils Frahm '78 recording)
C2. Miles Davis - "Generique"
C3. Colin Stetson - "The Righteous Wrath Of An Honorable Man"
C4. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter"
C5. Nina Simone - "Who Knows Where The Time Goes"
C6. Gene Autry - "You're The Only Star" (Nils Frahm '78 recording)
D1. Dinu Lipatti - "O Herr Bleibet Meine Freunde, BMV 147"
D2. Nina Jurisch - "Cleo The Cat"
D3. Dub Tractor - "Cirkel 4"
D4. The Gentlemen Losers - "Honey Bunch"
D5. Nils Frahm - "Them" (solo piano edit)
D6. Cillian Murphy - "In The Morning" (spoken word)
Opis produktu

A hypnotic voyage through modern and classical composition, experimental electronics, jazz, dub techno, soundtracks and soul; Frahm's Late Night Tales haunts and beguiles. It’s not mixing, so much as gently layering, like a particularly fluffy goose-down duvet folding in on itself, the folds part of the attraction, the layers part of the overall picture being painted. 

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