Dub Syndicate - Ambience In Dub 1982-1985 BOX [5CD]
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Dub Syndicate

Ambience In Dub 1982-1985 BOX

5CD / Nowy

CD1_01. Pounding Systems
CD1_02. Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (parts 1 & 2)
CD1_03. African Head Charge - Don't Care About Space Invader Machines (parts 1 & 2)
CD1_04. Fringe On Top Dub
CD1_05. Humourless Journalist Works To Rules
CD1_06. 10k At 0VU - 60 Hz - Mind Boggles!
CD1_07. Crucial Tony Tries To Rescue The Space Invaders (With Only 10p)
CD1_08. Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (part 3)
CD1_09. Return To Stage One
CD1_10. Gather At The River (bonus track)
CD2_01. Socca
CD2_02. Overloader
CD2_03. Drilling Equipment
CD2_04. Drainpipe Rats
CD2_05. Schemers
CD2_06. Ascendent (part 4)
CD2_07. Synchroniser
CD2_08. Independence
CD2_09. Substyle
CD2_10. Displaced Master
CD2_11. Ascendent (part 6)
CD2_12. Blood Shed Dub (bonus track)
CD3_01. Man Of Mystery
CD3_02. Dr Who?
CD3_03. Pressurized
CD3_04. Tribute
CD3_05. A Taste Of Honey
CD3_06. North Of The River Thames
CD3_07. Red Sea
CD3_08. We Like It Hot
CD3_09. Can't Stop Jumping (bonus track)
CD3_10. Pablo's African Blood (bonus track)
CD4_01. Ravi Shankar (part 1)
CD4_02. The Show Is Coming
CD4_03. Must Be Dreaming
CD4_04. Over Board
CD4_05. Forever More
CD4_06. Geoffrey Boycott
CD4_07. Wellie
CD4_08. Jolly
CD4_09. Out & About
CD5_01. Boggled Minds
CD5_02. Honey Version
CD5_03. Money Dealers
CD5_04. No Flash
CD5_05. Subway Style
CD5_06. Haunted Ground
CD5_07. All Other Roads Are Shut Off
CD5_08. Keep You Rocking
CD5_09. Red Sea Dub
Opis produktu

Starting out as a typically loose On-U collective masterminded by Adrian Sherwood, Dub Syndicate evolved over time into a long-term collaboration with the drummer Lincoln “Style” Scott, a key member of the Roots Radics and Creation Revel. This anthology documents their early years over five discs, featuring four bonus tracks from the original albums and an entire disc of unreleased dubs: The Pounding System (1982) One Way System (1983) North Of The River Thames (1984) w/ Dr Pablo Tunes From The Missing Channel (1985) Displaced Masters (9 unreleased versions) Plus 24 page booklet with sleevenotes by Steve Barker (On The Wire) and archival photos.

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