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Undercover Mixtape
2LP / Nowy

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A1. The Black Five
A2. Cynthy-Ruth (feat Terin Ector)
A3. Look-Ka Py Py
A4. Think (feat Adryon De Leon)
A5. Nobody's Fault But Mine (feat Kelly Finnigan)
B1. The Breakdown (feat Mixmaster Wolf)
B2. All This Love That I'm Givin' (feat Adryon De Leon)
B3. Melting Pot
C1. It's Serious
C2. Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)" (feat Adryon De Leon)
C3. It Ain't No Use (feat Adryon De Leon)
D1. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (feat Adryon De Leon)
D2. Cosmic Slop (feat Terin Ector)
Opis produktu

Orgone takes on 13 funk and soul classics! Otis Redding, Funkadelic, The Meters, Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright, and Booker T are just a few of the artists Orgone cover on this mixtape collection with some help from friends as well! Expertly recorded and performed, you could make an argument for some of these being better than the originals, but we'll suffice it to say that it's a simply killer set from beginning to end!

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