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Spiritual Jazz Vol.8: Japan
2CD / Nowy

CD1_01. Mitsuaki Kanno - Kumo No Ito
CD1_02. Tadao Hayashi - My Favorite Things
CD1_03. Minoru Muraoka - Positive & Negative
CD1_04. Takeo Moriyama - East Plants
CD1_05. Koichi Matsukaze - Under Construction
CD1_06. Sadao Watanebe & Charlie Mariano - Ragam Sinthubairavi
CD1_07. Shungo Sawada - Footprint
CD1_08. New Direction For The Arts - Sun In The East
CD2_01. Four Units - Scarborough Fair
CD2_02. Tohru Aizawa - Sacrament
CD2_03. Keitaro Miho - Kikazaru
CD2_04. Tee & Company - Spanish Flower
CD2_05. Takeo Moriyama - Watarase
CD2_06. Kiyoshi Sugimoto - Babylonia Wind
CD2_07. Toshiko Akiyoshi - Kisarazu Zinku
CD2_08. Yoshio Ikeda - Whispering Weeds
Opis produktu

Our latest examination of Esoteric, Modal & Progressive Jazz of the 20th Century has taken us to Japan. The liberating force of jazz has been created and felt all around the world, but few nations on earth embraced the jazz message with the passion and intensity of Japan. From the dawn of the jazz age to the present day, Japanese audiences have been renowned tastemakers, enthusiasts and champions of the music – in the 1980s, Japan was the biggest per capita market in the world for jazz records, and it has even been said that Japanese jazz fans kept the jazz record industry alive through the lean years of the 1970s, when the music fell from commercial favour in the land of its birth.

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