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The Vatican Mixtape Vol.1
2LP / Nowy

A1. Intro
A2. Let Me Niggas Live (feat Nas)
A3. DJ Riddler Skit
A4. You Might Die
A5. Major Waves
A6. Tony Soprano (DJ Riddler skit)
A7. Gun King (Verse)
A8. Still Killin'
A9. Yae-Yo
A10. King Pinz
B1. The Heist (feat Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah & Roc Mariano)
B2. Baggage Handlers (feat Busta Rhymes)
B3. Diesel (feat Wu-Tang Clan)
B4. Spring Water (Dj Riddler Blend)
B5. 45's (DJ Riddler skit)
B6. Big Spender
B7. The Truth (feat Method Man)
C1. Make Moves
C2. Eldarado (feat Ghostface Killah)
C3. Purple Jag (feat Posta Boy)
C4. Bump Bump
C5. Shame On A Nigga (feat Ol' dirty Bastard)
C6. Pop Off (Verse)
C7. Joe Pesci (Dj Riddler skit)
C8. Ice Water Inc
D1. Thousands To M's
D2. Kids That Rich
D3. Scarface Skit
D4. Good Kush (feat Jagged Edge)
D5. Fish & Chips
D6. DJ Riddler Blend (feat Big Punisher, Nas & Notorious BIG)
D7. Vatican
D8. Down South (Verse)
D9. Ice Water Scratches
D10. Ghetto Boy (feat Wu-Tang Clan)
Opis produktu

Limited edition for Record Store Day 2018!

Originally released in ‘06/’07 as the appetizer to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, The Vatican Mixtape series consists of a vast collection of unreleased tracks, Wu & solo classics (“Shame On A Ni**a”, “Diesel”, “Ghetto Boy”, & “Yae-Yo”), as well as some of Rae’s best guest work through the years (“The Heist”, “Brown Paper Bag”, & “Bump Bump”). 

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