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2LP / Nowy

A1. Wanna Hear Sumthin?
A2. Ain’t Got Shit To Do (Play Music)
A3. Kazz/Cant U?
A4. U Wont Believe It
A5. Depth Of Utrecht
A6. Tele-fone
A7. UpchX
B1. Too Smart Or Too Dumb
B2. Mauerpark
B3. Letsgetintosumjawns
B4. Unesco
B5. P&P
B6. L In Amsterdam/Edul Golana 2
B7. Mig Og
B8. Caught In My Zone
C1. Wrong Side Of The Bayou
C2. Aiiichhh
C3. Enomis
C4. Lilfugz
C5. We Get Dat
C6. Fried Off The Same Schitt
D1. WLCM To The Citi
D2. Stop Complaining
D3. Ze Healer
D4. Progress (Rite?)
D5. Kikou
D6. Edul Golana 4
Opis produktu

Hussle Crowe, the scientist, a craftsman who spends countless hours in a lab, hidden in a basement in Lausanne, Switzerland, just off Lake Geneva. It’s a most unsuspecting location for a musical master to be situated. It’s not the mecca that LA has become and certainly not the cultural center point that is NYC, but it serves it’s purpose. And those who know, know. If you know how to hear it and what to listen for, then you get it. Take Gladwell’s 10,000 hours, multiply that a few times, add in some authenticity, a whole bunch of sacrifice, a brain that’s equal parts simple + complex. Two golden ears and one monstrous creative drive + output. There you have it. That’s the recipe. 

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