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Midnight In Tokyo Vol.2
2LP / Nowy

A1. Genji Sawai - Hikobae
A2. Today's Latin Project - Danza Lucumi
A3. Shigeru Suzuki - On The Coast
B1. Air Suspension Club Band - In The Hot City
B2. Yasunori Soryo & Jim Rocks - So Long America
B3. Jugando - Twisty
C1. Kingkong Paradise - Samarkand
C2. Katsutoshi Morizono With Bird's Eye View - Imagery
C3. Om - Windmill
D1. Parachute - Mystery Of Asian Port
D2. Yuji Toriyama - Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977
D3. Keiichi Oku - Heat Wave
D4. Safari - Day Dream At The Bob's Beach
Opis produktu
Midnight In Tokyo 2, the second installment to the compilation series that rounds up hidden gems by Japanese artists that's perfect for listening at night in Tokyo, is here. This time the collection brings together some tasty electric jazz fusion from the '80s , compiled by Dubby, the man behind the online record store Ondas. The compilation begins with "Hikobae," a dark and slow cosmic jazz by saxophonist Genji Sawai, followed by "Danza Lucumi," an odd Caribbean-style jam by Today's Latin Project, a band fronted by Tadaaki Misago of Tokyo Cuban Boys, with arrangements by Yasuaki Shimizu. "On The Coast" is a soulful and mellow vocal track arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto, from guitarist Shigeru Suzuki's album White Heat, and fusion boogie cut "In The Hot City" is by Mr. Theodore, which was a one-off project by a mysterious artist.
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