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Overly Dedicated
LP / Nowy

A1. The Heart Pt. 2 feat Dash Snow
A2. Growing Apart (From Everything) feat Jhené Aiko
A3. Night Of The Living Junkies
A4. P&p 1.5 feat Ab-soul
B1. Alien Girl (Today, With Her)
B2. Opposites Attract (Tomorrow, Without Her) feat Javonté
B3. Michael Jordan feat Schoolboy Q
B4. Ignorance Is Bliss
C1. R.O.t.c. (Interlude) feat Bj The Chicago Kid
C2. Barbed Wire feat Ash Riser
C3. Average Joe
C4. H.O.C
D1. Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)
D2. Heaven & Hell feat Alori Joh
D3. She Needs Me (Remix) feat Dom Kennedy, Murs (Bonustrack)
D4. I Do This (Remix) (Bonustrack)
Opis produktu

The Kendrick Lamar that we see today is much different than the man who rapped on this album. His album to album evolution is nothing short of astounding, somehow he continues to grow far beyond our imaginations. Even with all the changes, looking back, there's still so much he carries from the past into his present. From the styles to the concepts, you can trace almost everything back to his earlier work, the first real album of his career. Overly Dedicated is essential in understanding where Kendrick was before adopting the alien voices or embracing a more experimental sound. This one is completely hip-hop, for those seeking a lyricist with ideas and substance.

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