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Chebran: French Boogie 1980-1985
2LP / Nowy

Born Bad / 3521381533750

Disco / Re-Edits

A1. Interview - Salut Des Salauds
A2. Philippe Krootchey - Qu'Est Ce Qu'Il A (D'Plus Que Moi Ce Négro-Là)
A3. Gérard Vincent - Gérard Vincent Pas Gérard Vincent
A4. Style - Playboy En Détresse
B1. Pierre-Edouard - A Mon Age Déjà Fatigué
B2. Casino - Pât Impérial
B3. Bianca - La Fourmi
B4. Trigo & Friends - La Dégaine
B5. Hugues Hamilton - Je M'Laisse Aller
C1. Pascal Davoz - Cinéma
C2. Anisette - Scratch Au Standard
C3. Pilou - Ça Va
C4. Henriette Coulouvrat - Miam Miam Goody
D1. New Paradise - Easy Life
D2. Gérard Vincent - Tas Qu'à Fermer Ta Gueule
D3. Ich - Ma Vie Dans Un Bocal
D4. Attaché Case - Les Crabes
D5. Yannick Chevalier - Ecoute Le Son Du Soleil
Opis produktu

Squeezed in between the age of disco and that of modern electronic music, French Boogie was a transitional phase, but it remains an amazingly refreshing testimony to the intermingling of pop and underground cultures. The genre was hastily categorized as anecdotal in spite of its pioneering synthetic groove and matchless bass lines. An attentive ear will discover the poetry of the ephemeral beyond the eccentricities of the genre, as well as a certain unexpected avant-gardism. Always cheerful and catchy, French Boogie is what you need to party.

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