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Sincerely, The P
kaseta / Nowy

A1. Encore
A2. Reach Out
A3. Let the Record Show
A4. Hard
A5. The Effects of Climate Change on Densely Populated Areas
A6. The Red Onion Wrap
A7. Redeemer
B1. Streetsweeper
B2. We Get Around
B3. Stars in the House
B4. Here, for a Good Time
B5. Letter to My Son
B6. Family Ties
B7. Dream Sequence '88
B8. The Sound of a Memory
Opis produktu

It's official, this is their last album! For 20 years People Under The Stairs have remained a fiercely independent anomaly in the genre of Hip-Hop. With this, their final album, the duo of Thes One and Double K bookend a celebrated career with a final, ambitious entry – an LP that captures the unique spirit of their previous 11 releases and weaves together an emotional farewell to the fans while flaunting the spirit that made them indelible figures in the Los Angeles underground rap scene. Entirely self produced, self recorded and with no features, PUTS hold true to the formula they pioneered while pushing those very boundaries with a cadre of instrumentalists to supplement the P’s trademark dusty beats and breaks - The result is an album that blurs lines between samples and playing yet somehow feels familiar - a deeply personal take in a genre often skirts emotional truth. Sincerely, The P, is a fitting farewell and final celebration of LA’s most respected underground duo.

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