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Never Satisfied: The Complete Works 1968-1983
CD / Nowy

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1. Funky Fingers
2. Boom Boom
3. Funky Four Corners (vocal)
4. Funky Four Corners (instrumental)
5. Crackerjack
6. I'm The Man For You
7. Never Satisfied
8. Did You Ever Lose Something
9. You Ain't No Good
10. Why Did You Leave Me?
11. Mr Santa Claus (Santa Claus Helping Hand)
12. Home For The Holidays (Mother's Wish For Christmas)
13. Don't Take It Out On Me
14. Love Is Gone
15. Ups & Downs
16. Living My Life (Day To Day)
17. Speak Now
18. Purple Haze
19. Innocent Bystander (vocal)
20. Pretty Woman Pass On By
21. I'm With You Love
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56 page saddle-stitched 9″ x 6″ book with CD, contains essays and never seen before photos.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.