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Unnatural History
4LP / Nowy

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A1. Various Hands
A2. The Swelling Of Leeches
A3. The Pope Held Upside Down
A4. His Body Was A Playground For The Nazi Elite
A5. Homage To Sewage
A6. Here To Here (Double Headed Secret)
A7. S Is For Sleep
B1. Dream Photography
B2. Comfortable
B3. Never
B4. Penetralia II
B5. Sicktone
B6. Red Weather
B7. Theme From "Blue" I
C1. How To Destroy Angels
C2. Airborne Bells
D1. Another Brown World
D2. Contains A Disclaimer
D3. The Hellraiser Theme
D4. In Memory Of The Truth
E1. Unquiet Rest
E2. Wait, The Return
E3. The Hellbound Heart
E4. The Box Theme
E5. No New World
E6. Vanishing Point
E7. The Main Title
E8. Theme From "Blue" II
E9. The Hills Are Alive
F1. First Dark Ride
F2. Baby Food
G1. Music For Commercials
G2. Panic 12 Version
G3. Feeder
H1. Neither His Nor Yours
H2. Wrong Eye
H3. Meaning What Exactly
H4. Scope
H5. Lost Rivers Of London
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