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How It Should Sound: Foundations (Silver Vinyl Edition)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Another Introduction (Sept. 25 2007 Mix)
A2. Tea Tyme (Nov 2 2005 Recording)
A3. Figment (Dec 3 2005 Recording)
A4. Its Called Chill Out (Aug 11 2005 Recording)
B1. Gone With The Sunset (Dec 3 2005 Recording)
B2. Venture - Og Basement Mix 2004
B3. Only One Me (Jan 31 2006 Mix)
C1. Judgement Day (Nov 2 2005 Recording)
C2. Hiss Volume 1 Outtake
C3. Movin On (Sept 10 2006 Mix)
C4. Not So Young Anymore (May 14 2006)
D1. Fabrega's Discotecas (June 11 2006 Demo)
D2. Gestation (October 19 2006 Demo)
D3. Boomerang Luck (June 26 2007 Demo)
D4. Gettin & Steppin´ (Nov 27 2006 Mix)
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Limited edition of 250 copies on silver vinyl!

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