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Butter Rugs Version 2.0
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Thud Rumble  

(2 Black Butter Rugs per package)  

Give your slipmats the personal touch of your inner graffiti artist capabilities and show off your personalized collectors item slipmat to your dj crew!  From the innovated minds of Thud Rumble & Slipmat Source, comes the slipmat that actually slips!  Without the addition of wax paper or plastic, Butter Rugs are THE SLICKEST mats available!

These state-of-the-art skratch tools are smooth enough for the fastest hands, yet strong enough to allow the tightest control. One skratch on a Butter Rug and you'll wonder why.

"Pure freedom, without the resistance of a regular skratch pad. All my turntables are laced with Butter Rugs." - DJ QBert

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