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All For Love
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Dzem
A2. Everywhere
B1. Obelisk
B2. Slap
C1. Redukcja Dysonansu Poznawczego
C2. City
D1. All For Love
D2. Brukiew
Opis produktu

Hailing from Koszalin in Poland, Das Komplex is undoubtedly an artist of many talents - a full time Architect by trade, he has released material on Father And Son Records and Tapes label and also offered up the extolled and coveted 6th pressing on the STEP imprint back in August 2015 - a record that sold out rapidly after hitting the shelves. Now - his return marks the first foray into long-play format for STEP and allows Das Komplex to stretch his legs across 8 masterful Disco grooves.

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