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LP / Nowy

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A1. Studio Architettonico
A2. Studio Scenografico
A3. Prospettive Avveniristiche
A4. Dimensione Concreta
A5. Ricerca Cromatica
A6. Visione Surreale
B1. Concetto Informale
B2. Dimensione Astratta
B3. Dimensione Umana
B4. Prima Maniera
B5. Sovrapposizione Di Immagini
B6. Ricerca Della Materia
Opis produktu

Filed neatly and undisturbed within the micro-genre of 1970s Italian artsploitation, amongst films soundtracks such as Girl With The Crystal Plumage, A Quiet Place In The Country and House With The Laughing Windows, this obscure library LP is one of the few fully formed concept albums from the recently reappraised discography of Rome’s most versatile and adventurous female production music composer Daniela Casa.

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