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Afterschool Special: The 123s of Kid Soul
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Bethlehem Center Children’s Choir - I’m A Special Kid
A2. Scott Three - Runnin’ Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You)
A3. Jimi Hill - Guessing Games
A4. Leonard (Lil’ Man) Kaigler - You Got Me Believing
A5. Cash - I Love You Still
B1. Brighter Side of Darkness - Because I Love You
B2. Next Movement - Every Where You Go
B3. The Bennett’s - I Want A Little Girl
B4. Future Kind - Simon Says
B5. The Dynamics - I’m Free, No Dope For Me
C1. The Brother’s Rap - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
C2. The Greer Brothers - We Don’t Dig No Busing (The Busing Song)
C3. Little Man & the Inquires - Funky Breakdown
C4. Five Ounces of Soul - Love Got A Piece of Your Mind
C5. Magical Connection - Girl Why Do You Want To Take My Heart
D1. Soul Emotions & Co. - It’s Time For Love
D2. Brotherly Five - Losing My Girl
D3. The Mighty Mustangs - The Other Guy
D4. Nancy Dupree with a Group of Youngsters - James Brown
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