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How It Should Sound Vol. 3+4+5
kaseta / Nowy

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1. Continue Here
2. The Sound
3. Time On!
4. Kool Papa Sport
5. It Drinks It Pours
6. Hallway
7. Pursuit
8. Just Look Up (Pawt 2)
9. Fragment
10. The Exchange
11. You Earned It
12. In With The Moonlight
13. For The Angry Poet
14. Ego Check
15. My Mood Exactly
16. Have Time
17. Retro-Future
18. The Gift
19. It's A Fine Night For
20. Sensory Rebirth
21. Everyday Is Another Opportunity
22. In Passing
23. Snatching Wind
24. A Fifth Of Hiss
25. Feeling Majestic
26. We're Gonna Prove
27. Lunchbox Theory
28. Diamond Digging
29. Checkmate Execution
30. In My Regretless Lifetime
31. Sounds How It Should
32. It's Hard To Leave You
33. Losin & Earnin (Pawt 1)
34. Set The Table
35. In That Moment
36. Get Smooth (Interlude)
37. I Already Knew
38. Awareness
39. Feast (Interlude)
40. Don't Count Me Out
41. After The Toast (Interlude)
42. Unfold (Interlude)
43. You'll Need More Than Luck
44. Spinning Deal
45. Structure
46. What Happened To Easy Street?
47. Until Next Time
Opis produktu
Unique triple pack featuring 3 neon green tapes in a clear oversized case with a transparent insert. Each tape has the volume number screened on one side.
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