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A1. Paura Sul Fondo
A2. Insonnia
A3. Fascia Di Tensione
A4. Flauto In Suspense
A5. Col Fiato Sospeso
A6. Ambiguo
A7. Suspense Notturna
A8. Dietro Le Sbarre
A9. Rimorsi
B1. Inchiesta
B2. Killer
B3. Monotony
B4. Suspense Angosciosa
B5. Inquieto
B6. Giallo
B7. Suspense Atomica
B8. Evasione Notturna
Opis produktu

Among all the aliases used by the great Piero Umiliani, M. Zalla is perhaps his richest and surprisingly multifarious. “Suspense” perfectly anticipates what you will hear in its seventeen songs: tension, gloomy atmospheres, mystery and, needless to say, suspense elements that convey anxiety and distress. Thanks to the clever use of Moog and keyboards, combined with magnificent orchestral arrangements, the tracks rapidly flow one after another in a crescendo that leaves you breathless.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.