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01. Cigarettes
02. Dreamcrusher feat Al-Shid
03. Funky
04. Go Back To Sellin Weed
05. I Smell Smoke
06. Mad Rap (2.0)
07. Robbin Brooklyn Hipster Chicks feat Swagmaster Bacon
08. Clubba Lang feat Al-Shid
Opis produktu
On his seventh solo album (and twelfth overall), “Fish-n-Grits”, J-Zone visits all the stops of an artistic and musical journey that spans well over two decades. Comprised of both limited edition 7” vinyl-only releases (dating back to 2014) and all new material, “Fish-n-Grits” is equal parts vocal and instrumental. The New York native uses his rap time to pick fights with the delusional state of the music industry, gentrification, the good and bad of nostalgia, police brutality, political correctness and hip hop’s generational conflicts, but never without his signature brands of humor and sarcasm intact.
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