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Can You Feel That Beat
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Mickey And The Soul Generation - Iron Leg
A2. Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within
A3. Sandy Gaye - Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone
A4. The Soul President - Get It Right
A5. Robert Moore - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
B1. The Young Disciples & Co. - Crumbs From The Table
B2. Creations Unlimited - Corruption Is The Thing
B3. Boscoe - Money Won't Save You
B4. Duracha - Ghet-To Funk
B5. Pearl Dowell - Good Things
C1. Andrew Brown - You Made Me Suffer
C2. Clifton White - The Grade A
C3. Black Sunshine - The Electric Skunk
C4. Union - Strike
C5. Joyce Williams - The First Thing I Do In The Morning
D1. We The People - Function Underground
D2. Black Soul Express - Party Time
D3. Stormy - The Devastator
D4. Young Senators - Jungle
D5. 24-Carat Black - Gone! The Promises Of Yesterday
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Thousands of local bands tried to emulate Brown’s success, and in the process created a plethora of rare and sought after 45s and album cuts that have been mined by DJs and producers to fill floors or provide breakbeats.

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