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All Night Long: Northern Soul Floor Fillers
2LP / Nowy

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A1. The Sensations - Demanding Man
A2. Jesse Fisher - You're Not Loving A Beginner
A3. Earnest Mosley - Stubborn Heart
A4. Syl Johnson - Do You Know What Love Is
A5. The Notations - Trying My Best To Find Her
B1. Royal Esquires - Aint Gonna Run
B2. Eula Cooper - Let Our Love Grow Higher
B3. Eddie Ray - Wait A Minute
B4. Jerry Townes - You Are My Sunshine
B5. Richard Cook - Somebody Got A Help Me
C1. The Chandlers - Your Love Makes Me Lonely
C2. Otis Brown - I'm Ready For Love
C3. Two Plus Two - Look Around
C4. Brown Bombers & Soul Partners - Just Fun
C5. Matta Baby - Do The Pearl, Girl (Part 2)
D1. The Mistiques - Put Out The Fire
D2. Vondors - Look In The Mirror
D3. Tonettes - I Gotta Know
D4. Chapells - Help Me Somebody
D5. The Webs - Little Girl Blue
Opis produktu

Whilst not the first UK dance scene – the mods had that covered – northern soul is the longest running. Those northern clubbers who eschewed late 60s psychedelic fripperies for obscure old soul records with the requisite beat, couldn’t have known what they started.

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