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Mavandeza/ Taratasy Maitso
7" / Nowy

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A1. Vetson Androy - Mavandeza
B1. Joajoby - Tarantasy Maitso
Opis produktu
This is deep, storming Salegy sound from Madagascar. Salegy is the electrified updating of the traditional Antsa style from the North-West of the island — 6/8 rhythms, layered with percussion and call-and-response vocals - and the Vetson’ Androy group one of its most popular proponents. From 1978, “Mavandeza” has the heady urgency of killer Fela - with two women singers out front, psychedelic organ and prowling-lion bass. The flip is from a decade later, by Malagasy superstar Eusebe Jaojaby - rough and tough dancefloor worries, with a mazy string-line, mash-it-down percussion and lilting flute. This is another sizzler from Sofrito.
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