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Space Art
LP+CD / Nowy

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A1. Onyx
A2. Naissance De Cassiopée
A3. Interlune
A4. Axius
B1. Aquarella
B2. Ode A Clavius
B3. Laser En Novembre
Opis produktu
LP reissues cut from the long-awaited 2010 digital remasters for the first time on Vinyl and CD, Original release from 1977 ”Reissues of a legendary artist, pioneer of the French electronic music”. The French proto-electro is making a come-back as we’ve seen it with the success of both Cosmic Machine compilations.
"Space Art" is behind the massive hits: “Onyx", “Give Me Love", “Love In C Minor” and more. One half of the band, Dominique Perrier, is one of legend Jean-Michel Jarre’s closest collaborators. Recognized as a keyboard virtuoso, he worked on all Jarre’s albums from “Rendez-Vous” (1986) to “Oxygène 7" (1997) and still tours with him around the world. Space Art also toured with him in China in the early ’80s. Alongside Jean-Michel Jarre and Cerrone they are one of the most influential bands that pioneered electro music.
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