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Beginning Of The End
LP / Nowy

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A1. Super Woman
A2. Trip To Nowhere
A3. Jamaica
A4. I've Got News
A5. Falling Appart At The Seams
B1. That's What I Get
B2. Bluestrain
B3. Jump In The Water
B4. Bahamian Boogie
Opis produktu

This monster 1976 LP from Nassau's Munnings brothers aka Beginning Of The End is a stone cold classic. Fact. Well deserving of a place in any record collection! This, their second LP (with 1971's infamous "Funky Nassau" preceding it) features the brothers original, fresh sound - a mixture of tough funk rhythms, Bahamian soul and flourishes of jazz and rock - is an extremely well executed and produced body of work. Not surprising considering the band were one of the Bahamas foremost musical outfits.

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