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Orthodox Dub
LP / Nowy

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A1. Black Forest Rock
A2. Gold Toot Style
A3. Orthodox (Dub)
A4. Rock A Tone (Dub)
A5. Cold Sweat
B1. Roots Rockas
B2. Maka (Dub)
B3. Dubba Black
B4. First World (Dub)
B5. Africa Roots Style
Opis produktu
Miraculously rare and seriously obscure killer dubs..., one of the very few hard core seventies dub albums mixed by Errol Brown. A selection of solid dubs originally recorded by BB Seaton at Duke Reid's legendary Treasure Isle studio and mixed in-house by the Duke's nephew Errol Brown. A radical departure for all concerned this bold dub album was never officially released although a few clandestine copies reputedly did the New York rounds at the time
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