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A Rap Vacation X-Mas (Colored Vinyl Edition)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Mndsgn - Giveaways (Ornaments)
A2. Mndsgn - The Weather
A3. Mndsgn - Snowed In
A4. Mndsgn - Doodoogifts
A5. Mndsgn - That Time
A6. Mndsgn - Bells B Silvr
A7. Mndsgn - Skates
A8. Mndsgn - Northpolemetro
B1. Ahwlee - Hahloh (Christist)
B2. Ahwlee - Tiffani S[01]
B3. Ahwlee - Boxt Up
B4. Ahwlee - Keepit
B5. Ahwlee - Gay
B6. Ahwlee - Mistle Step
B7. Ahwlee - Hotkoko
B8. Ahwlee - Wht To Do
B9. Ahwlee - Savesumcheer (Thank U)
B10. Ahwlee - Krimb (Bonus Track)
B11. Ahwlee - N64 (Bonus Track)
B12. Ahwlee - Nog'd.Out (Bonus Track)
Opis produktu
Back by popular demand, "A Rap Vacation X-mas" w/ Mndsgn and Ahwlee is now on vinyl for the first time, and just in time for the holidays. Contains 3 new vinyl only bonus tracks by Ahwlee. Art direction by Chris Hund. Being limited to 500 red and green tie dyed copies, these are sure to sell out fast. Don't sleep, and happy holidays!
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