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Here You Go
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Driveway
A2. Love The Game
A3. Middle Man
A4. Send Me Tonight
A5. Can't Be Trusted
A6. Gold & Silver
A7. Lil B Rap On This
A8. She Don't Need Him
B1. No More
B2. Oh Love
B3. Whole Life
B4. You Use Me
B5. Always
B6. Take My Love
B7. Strangers
C1. For Carmack
C2. Trying Breath
C3. From Brussels
C4. O'clock
C5. Rap On This Kanye
C6. I Need You
C7. And We Would Say
D1. Stalker
D2. Polkish
D3. Bond
D4. Nightengale
D5. Japanese Road
D6. Tear Drops
D7. Baad
Opis produktu

Jonwayne made his introduction to the world as a producer. He has since gone on to release several highly lauded projects, and eventually stepped behind the mic, garnering hiphop album of the year from Gilles Petersen's Worldwide Awards for his Stones Throw release, "Rap Album One".

Now he puts the mic back down for "Here You Go", a collection of 30 beats that will be available on 2LP via Street Corner Music, and Authors Recording Co, Jon's new imprint. No tapes. No digital. Just vinyl. All heat.

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